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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  February 23, 2013 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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crippling parts of new york. mayor snowe went along with exterminators to find them. >> reporter: night as arrived and things get creepy. after superstorm sandy, things get more creepy. the neighborhood exploded. >> it's crazy, you come home from work, you see a rat. daylight, you see a rat, you walk your dogs past night time. you see rats playing like they are having fun, it's disgusting. >> reporter: when sandy flooded subways and tunnels the theory is rats were literally flushed out. forced to relocate and they are staying put. traps to try and catch them dot streets in lower manhattan where construction has compounded the problem. timothy wong said his pest control company is trying to stock up on supplies. >> we even have, believe it or not, for the nice fancy areas in
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manhattan, where they can't use really ugly stations, they have rock stations, where it looks like a rock, and you cannot tell, but inside, there's a hole where the rats go in and you put poison in there. wong said his company, has gotten more than twice as many complaints about rats and compared to a year ago. that is not what the state department is saying. they said that flooding can flush them out, but it can drown them. growing numbers or not, exterminator wood is said he sees new york in a whole different light. >> it's three years of doing it, you kind of get a -- you always oak looking over your shoulder. >> it's been keeping us busy. people's nightmare is a good thing for us. >> you can follow what is going on in the situation room on twitter, tweet me@wolf blitzer and tweet the show, and like us on facebook.
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thanks very much for watching. the news continues next on cnn. i am don lemon and breaking news is that we are awaiting a press conference, a news conference that we expect to start in a moment, that will bring you the information, we will bring it to you as soon as possible and it's the information on the horrific crash. here it is, seconds before the finish line, and then disaster. a rookie racer's car is sent hurdling into the fence, protecting the grandstand, it breaks into flaming pieces and tire and other debris fly through and over the fence. at least 17 fans were injured, one critically. no drivers were hurt. joe carter, cnn po nmpn sports
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is standing there. let's start with joe. joe, what can you tell us about the injured now? >> well, we are still waiting for an update, date of birth, we know, that like you said, no drivers hurt in this. all 12 drivers were involved in the action and all 12 drivers were checked out at the track hospital. it's standard operating procedure for nascar to have the drivers checked. they were all looked at. they were all released. we expect the speedway president and steve o'donnell, both of them are expected to make an announcement at at 7:00 p.m. and hopefully give us more information on the spectators and to the degree they were injured. we expect an announcement whether they will start the race at 1:00 p.m. eastern, that is less than 17 hours from now. you have to figure, the amount of damage that was done to the retaining wall and the catch fence and the seats, it will take quite a lot of manpower and
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time to fix that. so, i guess, we will be waiting to see when we get that announcement, whether or not they will be able to start the race at 1:00 p.m., don. >> exactly and we had video earlier from the video of them repairing the retaining wall and whether or not that can be fixed in time. because, joe, that is really what saves the spectators in the event of an event like this one. >> reporter: yeah, that is the catch fence, it did its job for the most part. and it was able to prevent a lot more injuries. perhaps even deaths. but, any time you know, nascar is a dangerous sport, the drivers understand it when they get behind the wheel. any time you get fans involved, it's, you know, you expect a fan, that you will not get caught up in that type of the situation. you expect to be sitting in a seat and you want to be close to the action, you do not expect to be part of of a dangerous sport. we hope to get an update here
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soon so we can find out more information. >> how much do you think the injured will play into if this race goes on tomorrow? >> reporter: if there's a a death involved it could effect if they run the race at all. because it's the most -- it's often referred to as the super bowl of racing. they are expecting a couple hundred thousand people, millions will be tuning in because of the danica patrick factor. she will be making history starting from the front row. it will be difficult for nascar to cancel the race. i would not be surprised if nascar pushes back the start time a few hours to make sure they have enough time to repair the retaining wall and they have enough time to fix a catch fence. and then you have to think of the seats in the grandstand that were destroyed. and fans expect to be able to
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have the safe experience and they want to make sure that fence is completely repaired and up to code and up to standard so that in case, god forbid, there's another crash tomorrow, that nothing will be able to go through that catch fence. >> all right, we are waiting a press conference can, they are getting ready for it to tastart know. the person has not walked up to the microphone, as soon as it starts we will bring it to you. they will uch update us on the accident that happened i want to go to our producer who is there. john is on the ground, john, what do you see now? you were there and took pictures of the event as it was happening. you in theed as well, from the stands, okay, i'm being told, let's go to the press conference. >> 114 people off of property and treated 14 people at the on-track care center.
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we are in the process of repairing the facility and will be ready to go racing tomorrow. >> on behalf of necessary car, i want to echo joey's statements about the fans that were injured here today. our thoughts are certainly with them and their families. as far as the drivers were concerned, all that were involved in the last lap accident have been treated and released. we had one driver that was transported earlier during the race. he has been treated and will be at the hospital and remaining there. joey talked about the track and we are -- the track is currently under way repairing the fence. we are confident that we will be ready for tomorrow's event with the 55th running of the day toe that 500. we will conduct a review and learn what we can and see what we can apply in the future. >> thank you, steve. thank you, listen, we will take a handful of questions. we will start back there with
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george diaz. >> do you have any idea in terms of the seriousness of the injuries involving the fans who were hurt? >> george, i would have to refer you to halifax for any of the conditions of the patients, it's not appropriate for me to comment on that. bob, i think you had a question? >> sporting news, what sections of stands were most of the people injured and do you know what they were hit with? >> yeah, at this point, as we respond to the incident, we transported immediately those patients that need critical assistance. you know, we will review ourselves in terms of where the brie flew and what we need to do that. it was the grandstands outside of the fence where the cars hit. >> nate ryan? >> besides replacing that
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section of fence and taking it down there, are you going to make any other changes with regards to safety? >> at this point, we review the property after every event. the property has been here for over 55 years. we make sure we make the right investments in the property. the only changes that will occur with the fencing that goes back, we will not have time to put the cross over gate that was there. it will be fencing tomorrow. >> steve, joey mentioned that the crossover gate, i assume that was the point of impact. it seems that the most serious incidents involving fences is when the crossover gate is involved. is there something that nascar can do going forward that can prevent it? >> i think we look at it after every incident. we have learned from them in the
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past. the protocols in place today are a result of prior incidents. again, the initial evaluation is on going and we will look at it and see if we can improve on it. >> go with allen and then a couple more after that. allen? >> allen,, will fans be seated in the sections tomorrow? do you anticipate to have to move things around in terms of fans? >> we do not anticipate moving the fans. our security maintained a buffer that separates the fans from the fencing area and with the fence being repaired tonight to our safety protocols we expect to go to racing tomorrow with no changes. >> clare, right here. clare b? >> joey there was talk that the news conference can you had earlier in the week about the
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changes to daytona, if the track changed that it probably would not have happened. can can you address that? >> i'm not sure, clare that it's fair to compare an incident that compared today with a future development of the property. the key was that we were prepared and we responded and had the appropriate personnel in place, and we dealt with the other patients on property and the team is repairing and will be ready for tomorrow. it's not fair to compare those two right now. >> well, mike, we will finish in the back with pat. this question is for steve. over here. steve. it's rare that you see a car break apart the way that car did. how concerned are you with the way the car did break and what are your initial thoughts on that? >> i think, again, mike, really early in what we have seen, you know, some of the things we have in place, tethers that sort of thing, held up and did their job. certainly when you look at the
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incident, there's things that we can learn and evaluate. we will take the car and do that and evaluate the fencing and see if there's anything that we can learn from where gates are. but again, we need to take the time to really study it and see what we can improve on. if we can, certainly the safety of our fans is is first and foremost and we will make it happen. >> final question, back here, pat. get him a mic please. >> pat, joey, could you go over one more time the -- where people were transported because our understanding is that they were transported to halifax and other hospitals. >> 14 were transported off property and then at that point, emergency management decided where they go. 14 were transported off property. >> 28 people, a total of 28 people injured today. it's a lot of folks that were injured in the accident.
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14 of them treated on property. you heard them saying 14 people were treated off property. one of the people who was taken off was a driver, initially the initial reports were that, reports were that all of them, all of the drivers had walked away. again, one driver, one driver, michael anett is being treated at the health center in daytona beach, he is complaining of pain in the chest and sternum. 14 people were taken off property and treated at a hospital. 14 people treated on property. all of the ten drivers involved were looked at on property and checked out except for michael anett and now they are discussing whether or not they will be able to start it on time. they said that they are removing that entire section of fence where this car crashed into and if that fence can be repaired on time, that is going to be the question of whether or not the
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daytona, the big fence will happen tomorrow. that retaining wall, fence, is what keeps the fans safe in crashes like this one. if that fence was not there, there obviously would have been more injuries today. let's go to john, associate producer here at cnn, who happened to be at the race, saw it happening and took pictures as well. john, 28 people injured. that was a lot of folks that you saw. >> reporter: it is. and i don't, i think it was hard to tell at least at the time, it obviously happened very quickly. now that we hear the number, it's potentially higher than i thought, at least when i saw it happen. now it's turning all of the -- the fans are returning to their rvs and beginning to start dinner and watching the coverage and i think now it's becoming a sort of a fired conversation about safety after this. i mean, so far, so good. everyone seems to be doing okay. but now, i guess it's turning to a conversation about safety and people are talking about it here in the rv park where we are outside the track and then that
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was the top thing that everyone is talking about right now. >> and video that we saw earlier here on cnn, john, we saw a tire jump, bounce over this wall. land in the stands and the spectators were there trying to get emergency workers to come over and help people who either the tire grazed or it possibly hit. do you, how far were you from that? >> fairly close. i mean, i was sitting in the sprint tower, to give you perspective was on the front straight away. on the left side of the tower in turn four to the finish line. that was where the wreck occurred. where the tire was thrown was sort of past the finish line. i was able to see an energy, an energy -- an engine, an engine near the car. and fans were watching the race and then i saw the same video you were referring to that shows a section down. that gives you perspective where it hit and where the tire
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landed. the it was fairly substantial, i would haste ento say it was 25 or 50 yards. >> john, thank you, a cnn associate producer and thank you, was there at that event today when the car went crashing into the wall, and burst into flames, and thankfully all of the drivers, all of the drivers okay. 28 other fans, 28 other spectators injured as well. 14 on premises, and 14 had to be taken off. we will update you on that as soon as we get more information. in the meantime, there's a scandal involving the vaticvati it's a cover up, that's the allegation, our report on the other side of the break. i tuned it all out. with unitedhealthcare, i get information that matters... my individual health profile. not random statistics. they even reward me for addressing my health risks.
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standing by for capture. the most innovative software on the planet... dragon is captured. is connecting today's leading companies to places beyond it. siemens. answers. >> two major news events happening this weekend involving the catholic church, first, preparation for the final sunday sermon in sunday square where pope benedict will step down and this one, the church did not see coming. the allegations of sex, money and scandal at the highest levels of the church. >> pope benedict is stepping down this coming thursday, but it seems his last days as pope may not be so easy. >> reporter: reports broke in two leading italian publications
4:20 pm
suggest that the reason for resigning was far more explosive. shock at the discovery of a network of gay priests at the vatican blackmailed by a network of male prostitutes. according to the reports the results of an investigation by three cardinals assigned to look into wrong-doing at the vatican were submitted to pope benedict last year. the reports say that it's suggested that serious financial improprieties were revealed. the pope was so shocked by the findings, he decided to resign. the vatican has responded with uncharacteristically strong language calling it unverified
4:21 pm
or unverifiable even completely false news stories cause damage to persons and institutions are an attempt to use public opinion to influence the cardinal's free will in the election of a pope. the conclave will take in the election. and they are urging caution. >> we cannot say that things that are only guesswork or imagination are true. there's no proof and these allegations only serve to create a climate of division that helps no one. but cnn vatican analyst john allen sniffs truth in the allegations. >> to date, none of us have seen the secret report delivered by the three cardly thats to the pope. it's impossible to say what it contains. on the other hand, the core of the story, the cardinals looked into the possibility that there may be a network of gay clergy inside the vatican that were vulnerable to pressure. to me that passes the smell
4:22 pm
test. >> and one post script, those italian publications say they have a few reports left to file. don? >> all right, thank you. appreciate that. one of the cardinals who will choose the next pope has legal issues of his own today, marquez in los angeles. help me out with this. cardinal rodger mahoney had to answer questions about a child molestation case that dates back 25 years. tell us about that. >> reporter: yeah this is a case on a priest, he is accused of molesting 26 people, he fled to mexico. there was a huge release of documents, 12,000 pages of documents involving 5,000 victims and over 1 apriests and this is the first time he has been deposed since those documents are out. it's expected that there will be more information that will be asked of him under oath at that deposition and he will have to
4:23 pm
be careful how he answers. he has been deposed so many times in the past. all of that happening while the people behind me were gathered at the cardinal's home. they were here, delivering this. it's a simple one-page request asking him not to attend the conclave, it's signed by 10,000 people all around the world asking the cardinal to not go to rome, not to attend the conclave, that he has been further implicated, he covered up things in the past. that is what is shocking about the documents that were released. it shows very, very clearly how much he knew directly about what was happening in his own diocese and he sought to cover it up. he has apologized and met with survivors and done it personally
4:24 pm
and in writing, it's not good enough for the survivors, they want him to not go to rome, the cardinal said he is pushing ahead and perhaps headed there tonight or tomorrow and he will take part in the conclave and vote for the next pope. >> we should see. miguel marquez, thank you very much. we are days away from what many are calling america's financial apocolypse, what will it take to avoid it ctor's voice: cut it! ...what...what did i say? gecko? i said gecko? aw... for over 75 year...(laughs. but still trying to keep it contained) director's voice: keep it together. i'm good. i'm good. for over 75...(uncontrollable laughter). what are you doing there? stop making me laugh. vo: geico. saving people money for over seventy-five years. gecko: don't look at me. don't look at me.
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>> 5 days until the next american fiscal apocalypse. there's a new twist to the routine, possible airport chaos, longer lines and cancelled flights. ray lahood gave a warning yesterday, without a deal, air traffic controllers will be furloughed. >> once airlines see the potential impact of the
4:28 pm
furloughs, we expect that they will change their schedules and cancel flights. so we are beginning today cushions with our unions, to likely close more than 100 air traffic control towers at airports with fewer than 150,000 flight operations per year and we are talking about places like boca routon, florida, joplin, missouri, hilton head, south carolina. >> cancel flights to smaller airports, is it a scare tactic or a promise? okay, so, anna, first we had the debt ceiling. then we had the fiscal cliff, now we have this sequestration, which is really forced budget cuts. doesn't matter what you call it. it's the third time that the sky is falling. when are people going to stop
4:29 pm
believing that the sky is falling or top the sky from falling and vote in new people? >> i think the american people have stopped believing the sky is falling already. i see a lot less anxiety and sense a lot less anxiety about this than we had during the fiscal cliff. look, don, this has become like a bad halloween movie. jason never dies. he comes back and comes back and comes back and every time the movie is worse. it really has shown tremendous lack of responsibility. you know, the president came up with this idea, he doesn't want to take ownership, the republicans, the congress passed it. they don't want to take ownership and now it is everybody's problem. but we cannot be having on the -- you know, being on the verge of a nervous break down -- >> every couple months. >> -- every three months. we do not have the level of anxiety to be able to do it every three months. >> it seems like, i mean, is it
4:30 pm
like white noise? i talk to people and i say, what do you think of sequestration and they are like what? it's the forced budget cuts. and they say, i don't know what they are talking about. they are always fighting and never get anything accomplished. do you think people have tuned out because every couple of months it's something else? >> well, absolutely. you know, i think it is kind of smart to try to find things like pointing out what would happen to our traffic in the air controllers and things like that and try to help make it tangable for the every day person. but the reality is we have been talking about it for nonstop for two years. not just every few months, we continue on with the same conversation, that is congress and the president cannot work together. they cannot agree upon a basic grand scheme, whatever that scream is supposed to be. so it ends up putting the public in a panic. but the panic is not coming from voters, it comes from people who have to make decisions based on
4:31 pm
budgets that they do not know yet. people running businesses and in charge of departments of the federal government in the state government and local governments. people who are depending on contracts to go through. those are the people upset with it the most. they are trying to make decisions with a congress and white house that cannot make a decision. >> and people's health care will be effected. when lahood talks with air traffic. that is an issue. i fly a lot. but the average american is not flying every day. maybe the business people. but average americans are picking up kids from school and driving to work every day. they are not flying every day. even that, no pun intended goes over a lot of people's heads. i want to switch gears, it's been a tough week. he admitted to fathering a secret son with a daughter of a senate colleague. she was 24 years old when she and senator domenici had a child. back in the day, i mean,
4:32 pm
domenici blasts bill clinton's affairs ands and criticized it. how did that effect his legacy? >> it's not about anybody's legacy. it's about the entire conversation of hypocrites. we are talking about men now that we found out ten, 15, 20 years later that are adulters themselves and now they have kids. it's an indictment on the republican party in that particular point in our political history and not about just one person in particular. >> i will give you the last. >> democrats have affairs too. john edwards is sitting there scratching his head right now, saying well, i managed how they managed to keep it a secret for 30 years. i think -- >> it was the '70s. >> it was a tough week for
4:33 pm
public trust period. we had the democrat mayor in new orleans indicted on 21 counts -- >> that is 20 seconds now. i had ten. >> and we have jesse jackson, jr. >> i get, it's about affairs. republican or democrat, if you are having an affair, you do not call someone else an adulter. >> many people have affairs. >> more of this talk approximate will continue and we will have you back tomorrow, as a matter of fact. we appreciate it. in the meantime, we have developing news coming up, at the daytona international speed way. 28 people injured in a firry crash on the racetrack when debris flew over the fence. transit fares! as in the 37 billion transit fares we help collect each year. no? oh, right. you're thinking of the 1.6 million daily customer care interactions xerox handles. or the 900 million health insurance claims we process.
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and reimagine all the possibilities that lie before us. an ally for real possibilities. aarp. find tools and guidance at something unusual today, they are publically denying the printed rumors about the senior church leadership and why the pope decided to resign. it involves, money, gay priests and a cover up. they say that they are rumors designed to influence the vote for the next pope. who will be the next pope? let's look at a few faces that could be in the running here. first up is mark quellet and then the archbishop, angelo
4:37 pm
scola, 21-year-old son of truck driver, he has written about finding a solution between the west and islam. and cardinal bagnalsco, he is said to be very popular among the cardinals. and then timothy dolan the archbishop of new york, he would be the first american pope. at 63 years old, he is considered young for the job. he is popular in the church community because of his conservative views. and there's another candidate for the job that church analysts are buzzing about. a cardinal born in ghana. one layman is pulling for him. a doctor from upstate new york.
4:38 pm
>> reporter: surgeon joe specializes in heeling broken bones. among his friends. someone who helps heal broken souls. >> what is sit like knowing somebody would be the next pope. >> he is considered one of the top contenders. one book maker has him at the favorite of 2-1. if selected, he would be the first black pope and a rare noneuropean. they met a few years ago. >> peter turned out to be cardinal turkson. and a very close adviser and confident to the holy father. >> reporter: with the cardinal's encouragement, he has since done surgery in ghana and raising money for a clinic there. when the cardinal visits albany once a year, he often stops to
4:39 pm
say mass at the small perrish where a friend of his is pastor. he has deep ties in the up state new york. where he attend seminary, the doctor could not help but think. >> here is the man who could be the next pope. i gotted nervous and started to take my foot off the gas and slowed way down. >> if elected he predicts high energy but a low expectation for major change. >> has told me that i need to understand that the church is thousands of years old. that change and adoption of new ideas in the church by necessity takes place very, very slowly. >> marotta exchanges e-mails and phone calls with the card nampt but perhaps not for long.
4:40 pm
would that change in your relationship make you sad? >> i look up to him and really rely on his council. it would make me sad. >> arranging an audience with pope benedict to talk about the clinic in ghana. >> reporter: do you remember your knees shaking? >> i do. and i was tongue tied at first. >> reporter: it could be that he was in the presence of a future pope as well. >> all right, well, susan is joining me live, it seems tough to place bets on who is the next pope. but one of the world's biggest book makers gives the cardinal 4-1 odds. that is amazing. does he stand realistic chance of being chosen and being the next pope? >> well of course. don the vatican would never officially weigh in on that. that is the question, isn't it? certainly there's a lot of vatican watchers that say now
4:41 pm
may be the time for change to select a pope outside of europe for example, to go to africa, to look at asia and latin america, where quite frankly the most number of catholics now live in the world. so, while this might not indicate a change in how church rules are interpreted, it would be a change, never the less. don? >> it certainly would, susan candiotti, thank you for your reporting. we will be right back, everyone , administering her medication, and just making her comfortable. one night britta told me about a tradition in denmark, "when a person dies," she said, "someone must open the window so the soul can depart." i smiled and squeezed her hand. "not tonight, britta. not tonight." [ female announcer ] to nurses everywhere, thank you, from johnson & johnson.
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it could be weeks before we find out what killed a young tourist whose body was found inside a hotel water tank in los angeles. the autopsy was inkconclusive ad more tests need to be done. she had been in the tank 19 days while water flowed to rooms below. nick valencia has done digging on the hotel's past. >> reporter: it may seem unsuspecting on the outside, but the hotel has a history of horrible incidents. it's just a tonights throw from
4:45 pm
skid he row. the neighborhood around the hotel has changed over the decades but despite the city's best efforts of course the hotel remains a symbol of the area's dark past. >> thank you for calling the european style cecil hotel, the best affordable hotel in downtown los angeles. >> calling itself the premier choice of affordable downtown los angeles hotels, the cecil attracts mostly low income residents. in the' 50s and' 60s, it was known as a place where those at the end of their rope would end their life. it was the choice hide out for serial killer victor ramirez, he reportedly lived at the hotel for months. and another serial killer found -- and it's thought that the black da had lia hung out in the hotel before her murder.
4:46 pm
and now the decomposing body of tourist found in one of hotel's water tanks. guests were noticeably upset. >> wouldn't you if there was a dead body in the water you were using and drinking. >>. >> she chose the hotel despite the past. >> the shower was awful, when you turned on the tap, the water was coming black first. the 21-year-old's death just a mystery for a hotel with a haunted past. hotel management did not alert the residents to the body being in the water tank and the calls we have made to the hotel have gone unanswered. officials conducted an autopsy on the body. the results were inconclusive, officials now will wait weeks on the result of toxicology reports. >> thank you very much.
4:47 pm
>> a volcano erupts, we will take you there next. ♪ ♪ i can't believe your mom let you take her car! this is awesome! whoooo! you're crazy. go faster! go faster! go faster! go faster! no! stop...stop... (mom) i raised my son to be careful... hi, sweetie. hi, mom. (mom) but just to be safe... i got a subaru. (announcer) love. it's what makes a subaru a subaru.
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4:50 pm
a hospital. he died on monday. we are told he is a three-time grammy winner. joined the temptations at 1971 at the age of 21. following the departure of an original band member. and we all know the member of eddie's live and the temptations, 62-year-old damon harris. damon harris, 62 years old on, passed away due to prostate cancer. and mount etna has erupted. it's lighting up italy's night time sky. >> the vatican is in rumor control this weekend, just a few days before the pope steps down, newspapers are printing details of an investigation that links senior catholic leaders to a church cover up. two police officers were injured
4:51 pm
and 40 people arrested today in spain. 10s of thousands of protesters marched over cuts in he education, health and social programs that is in the wake of spain's financial crisis that has seen the unemployment rate jump to 26%. protesters say the government does not listen to their calls for help. a fierce winter wither storm is headed for the northeast. parts of vermont, new hampshire, maine and massachusetts can expect up the to ten inches of snow. boston will get a slushy mix of rain and snow, the city is still cleaning up after the big blizzard that hit two weeks ago. it's the must-have most wanted, cutting edge prototypep that everyone in the tech world
4:52 pm
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>> even feel who love smart phones and high tech are a bit stunned when they see google's creation. here's what you see when you wear their kwai wear simply called glass. you can look things up on google, you can get directions, have reminders pop-up in front of your eyes. the price tag, you want to guess? $1,500. laurie siegel joins me from new york. it ain't cheap. she's cnn's money tech expert.
4:56 pm
dune this will be something people will flock to? i think it is. i think it's a game changer. what about you? >> you're absolutely right. they said okay, who wants to be a beta tester. they had so many people pouring in because there's such an appetite for this kind of thing. the smart phone is now extending to different fashion and that kind of stuff. it's the kind of thing where i think we are going to see these down the road. also a lot of fashion designers are really excited about. they want these to be wearable. they don't want this to be so futuristic. they want people to look at these and say hey, i could actually wear those and those would look pretty good. don? >> yeah. i said $1,500 to start with. it's a lot, but when you think about most people have a laptop, an ipad on top of that. then you might have your glasses. and you have a smart phone, if you combined them all into one, you know, see what i'm saying? >> maybe not that bad.
4:57 pm
and those prices will probably go down. everything is very expensive at first. then once the technology is out there, the prices could go down. sdwun from google said $1,500 is nothing compared to what it could be a year ago. >> yes, agreed. let's talk about playstation 4. what is going on with play station 4, ps4. we're being told that it promises to do much more than that. what's happening? >> it's been seven years since sony put out a playstation. there's a lot of pressure that this has been really cool. it's a lot faster, the graphics are going to be much better. they're really saying there's going to be a lot of social activity. the controller has a button where you can share your game and broadcast it in real time. you can remotely access your friend's game. if you couldn't get past a
4:58 pm
certain level, i can past that level for you. that's going to be big. gaming has really changed the last seven years. they've got to get up to speed. >> thank you. we appreciate it. >> first lady michelle obama shows off her dance moves. we're going to show them to you next. what's this? uhh, it's my geico insurance id card, sir. it's digital, uh, pretty cool right? maybe. you know why i pulled you over today? because i'm a pig driving a convertible? tail light's out.. fix it. digital insurance id cards. just a click away with the geico mobile app.
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